Home assistant ring integration, bridge

just added the ring bridge, two solar path lights and the mailbox sensor, reloaded the integration, rebooted etc.etc. nothing
they just not show up, but work fine in the ring app. is this something that is coming ? or am i doing something wrong ?
please let me know, i went the quick route and bought this stuff, i can still send it back and add my homegrown PIR for the mailbox :slight_smile:

was told by the current code ex-maintainer to file a feature request, so here it is

I’d like to second your request. The Ring Integration works great on the doorbell and stickup cameras, however, it doesn’t recognize the Mailbox Sensor.

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I have some landscape lights that are connected to my Ring Bridge. Nothing connected via the Ring Bridge shows up as devices or entities in HA. I’d love to have a way to control those via HA. I’ve added my vote for Ring Bridge integration. :crossed_fingers:

+1 for me.

I have the Ring Bridge and the Mailbox sensor. Currently, I am using IFTTT to trigger on mailbox motion and call Home Assistant via a webhook - but I’d rather lose the IFTTT dependency and have these events natively flow into HA thru the Ring integration.

Requsting this feature too. I have the ring transformer hooked on to the ring bridge, with landscape lights. would love to automate the landscape lights based on scenes within ha framework.