Home Assistant stopped responding - missing configuration.yaml

Hi - I have checked but can’t see any post that cover my situation.

  1. Running Home Assistant fine for about 6 months
  2. Home Assistant GUI not reachable - error connection refused and my Google Drive Backups, checking from Google Drive stopped working a few days ago
  3. Suspected the SD card had failed which has happened before. Easy I think
  4. Reformat SD card on PC using SD formatter expecting it to fail but success
  5. Review HA instructions to download correct image - hassos_rpi2-5.13.img.xz
  6. Use Balena to write image file to SD card (its a Kingston 16GB class 10)
  7. Plug in to Pi 2 and wait
  8. Pi is running as responds to ping commands but GUI (ip:8123) still not successful
  9. Repeat a 2nd time and 3rd still same problem
  10. I did this sequence last time SD card failed and it was a 10 min job then load Google Drive Backup and restore - happy days all working
  11. I now put SD card in USB adapter on my Pi Zero, mount it and look around. Not only is Configuration.yaml missing but homeassistant directory too. Try to make directory and sudo nano a simple configuration.yamp with just “default_config:”. Same problem

I have ordered a replacement SD card but don’t understand what is problem. Any ideas of help would be much appreciated.

Many thanks