Home Assistant unstable on Synology running as VM

Dear community,
since some weeks I have problems with Home Assistant running on my Synology NAS as VM. Everything way stable and running without any issues but at some point ‘hiccups’ started.
Within this hickup none of my automations nor the UI work. Some minutes later everything went back to normal and is working again.
Since today it breaks all some minutes and I am bearly able to log in once and change the on or other thing before I disconnect from the UI. When it is not working I get the HA logo on my local webpage and it says that it is ‘Unable to connect to Home Assistant.’
From that I read that HA is in general working but seems to be overloaded or so.
Do you have any idea how I can debug it?

Hi Felix,

I am new to HA community and was planning to setup a VM on my dated 7-year old Synology NAS.
After checking on forums and comments, I decided to give up my original idea and went for build from Synocommunity.

So far it’s been running well. If you are tired of getting yours fixed and thinking of an alternate solution, it might help.