Home assistant very slow to load after p

Hi Guys,

I had to shut down my entire system due to electrical maintenance I was doing, this include routers and the windows PC hosting HA on Virtual box. The problem I have is that HA is now very slow to load, automations are also slow (delays between trigger and action). I have updated to the latest OS and HA, but still have the same problems, I have also rebooted the routers and the extenders/mesh system (TP Link Deco). HA is slow to load in the internal network but much better on nabu casa. Please assist.


Start by ruling out variables.

Check if the results are the same on a wired connection.

Check if there is a heavy processor load, RAM overload, etc.

Are the automations that are running slow dependent on Wifi or some other network connection, or is it all automations?

In the past I have created a simple automation with two input booleans that follow one another to see what the response time is like. If you turn on one and the other immediately follows, you know its not the automations/HA that is running slow.

Are you using the IP or your HA instance when accessing internally? ie. or are you using a domain? homeassistant.local or caswell.duckdns.org? If either of the later options try using the former, you may be having a DNS issues.

I think you want to run 3 commands as user homeassistant, so try creating a new bash shell in which to run them and then do so like this.

sudo -u homeassistant bash -c 'cd /srv/homeassistant && source bin/activate && hass'

Thanks, I suspect it’s my deco mesh network or HA, I have an automation that closes the garage and announce on Google speaker that the garage has closed, it use to switch on an immediately announce, now it switched on the speaker, and announce after 10 to 15 seconds. The reason I suspect the local mesh network is that HA takes time to load on the same subnet work, however it is fast on nabu casa. I no longer use duckdns as I had issues with port forwarding and hairpin nat for local access. The surprising thing is that the streaming services are OK, so the lag between actions and slow ha access from the subnetwork is baffling.

Please explain the mechanics of this solution and how it helps with speed.

It turns out it was my ssd which was close to dying, it suddenly stopped and no longer responded to any pc, I took it back to the store where I bought it to assess if they will replace on warranty. I have done a windows fresh install on a different ssd and installed new VirtualBox and Homeassistant, I then restored my snapshots and HA works fine now, no more lags.