Home Assistant won't show frontend on Synology

Hello all,

I wanted to switch from Domoticz to HA and followed this guide to do so on my Synology DS715 that is unfortunate lacking Docker.


I followed it step by step and with the help of some other forum posts it is finally running but without a frontend.

The log file doesn’t help either.

Any ideas why the frontend doesn’t show up?

What files or information do you guys need to help me with this?

Added the log file information:

Looks like cannot find hass_frontend file. Not sure what that is but could be some file permission error. File exist but HA has no permission to access.

It looks like a permission error yes and for some reason it’s running now but now i’m having issues with netifaces and netdisco==1.2.4, it doesn’t accept netdisco==2.6.0 and version 1.2.4 crashes on netifaces.

Think i’ll just stick to Domoticz then. Tried several things but it can’t be installed and thus makes HA useless because it looks like these are critical components.

note: Above log is from a virtual env for testing purpose but doesn;t work either.