Home Assistant Yellow or Raspberry Pi

I found some random remarks on this, but no clear suggestion. So I thought maybe this will help others decide that might have the same question?

Basically, I have just gotten started with HA, and built it all on a (good) RPi 4 with SSD. Everything works fine (with Conbee and Aeotec sticks).
Now HA Yellow is available, or at least can be at the end of the year if you order now.

The main questions is, should I invest in that as a new user? Since it takes 6 months to get the new hardware, I can’t decide based on my current experience if it will help me 6 months from now or not.

So is there a (relatively) simple answer on whether I should order one, or if I’ve already set it up with the RPi 4 I shouldn’t bother?

If this topic exists somewhere already please do link it, happy to continue there.


You actually have “Yellow” already (just in a different package :package:) because it is a Raspberry Pi 4 (compute module) at heart :heart:

Will make no difference for you.

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