Home Assistant Yellow PoE - incorrect FedEx charge for import duties & VAT

Today I got a message from FedEx that I need to pay Dutch VAT and import duties for my Home Assistant Yellows (total of EUR 73.83 for 2 units). Im pretty sure this is not correct as I already paid for taxes on the original invoice issued by Crowd Supply. I have just reached out to Crowd Supply for their assistance to take care of this matter.

If anyone else has the same experience and knows the solution, please let me know! I will send an update when this matter is resolved or when something noteworthy happens that can be helpful to others that have received the same charge.

Same issue here; received the Yellow PoE yesterday (Netherlands) and today got a text message from FedEx with a link to pay € 25,06 for (import) taxes and provision.
Have reached out to Crowd Supply as well, I’ll keep you updated.

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That sucks that you got charged as well. appreciate it that you update me on your progress!

Since crowd supply did not respond to my request for support via their website I have reached out to them via Twitter

Same issue here: i had to pay 23,66 to FedEx.

From Fulfillment & Logistics | Crowd Supply

VAT and Customs

Crowd Supply prepays VAT and pre-clears customs for most packages shipped to all EU countries, the UK, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand. This means the package is delivered directly to the backer’s door without the need for them to deal with a customs house. Crowd Supply, via our parent company Mouser Electronics, is properly registered in each country for which we collect VAT and we remit collected VAT accordingly. Backers who prefer to use their VAT ID and not pay VAT at the time of purchase can do so by contacting us to associate their VAT ID with their Crowd Supply account. Orders that contain items which have lithium content (often due to a lithium battery) cannot be shipped to some countries with VAT prepaid or with customs pre-cleared.*

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Sent a reminder today to Crowd Supply, but still no response via mail or Twitter.

I did receive the package - that’s a win - and FedEx stopped chasing me for the payment. The latter might be a temporary win. Contacted FedEx on the payment by phone, but could not reach a human being.

Would be great if there would be any communication by Crowd Supply, the lack of updates and/or a solution is getting rather annoying.

After a week I got a reply today from CrowdSupply acknowledging that they have issues with FedEx charging VAT although taxes are already paid.
According to them the only solution is to pay FedEx and provide a receipt to CrowdSupply so they can refund the taxes.
Let’s give it a try :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing! Crowd supply contacted me via Twitter, see their reaction below.

Hi there. Did my colleagues in support sort you out or do you want me to chase this for you? I know we had some issues with the carrier but they should have been corrected now.

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I have the same problem with my Home Assistant Yellow order which just arrived to me in Sweden.

I have sent an email to Crowd Supply, hopefully they will respond.

What a great start of the week: Crowd supply answered my request for support. See their reply below.

*** response crowd supply ***

Thanks for contacting Crowd Supply! Yes we have had some issues lately with FedEx charging VAT when the customer has already paid for those. The only solution we have is for you to pay those fees, present us with the receipt and then we can start the process of refunding your order for the taxes.

Add me to the list. I was charged 418.70 DKK which I had no other choice than to pay as Fedex cannot do anything when the sender has not filed the shipment in IOSS.

This is a mess and I am quite annoyed. It is clear from the invoice that I payd 25% VAT. They used Mouser to handle the distribution. I buy from Mouser regularly and they are perfectly aware and able to register shipments to IOSS (IOSS is the EU entity to which you register a shipment and then it goes to the receiver without any customs handling).

Someone have probably screwed up and not told Mouser that VAT was paid.

I paid 1041 DKK for the Yellow incl shipping and VAT. So having to pay 418.70 DKK on top is not reasonable at all. Of the 418.70 DKK, 180 DKK is handling fee to Fedex.

I raised a case with Crowd Supply and they asked me to pay the VAT and fee and they will reemburse. I already sent them the invoive and receipt from bank transfer so I will report when they actually pay.

But to those that are in same situation. Contact Crowd Supply. I used their RMA for the communication even though I am not returning anyting

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It indeed seems like someone at CrowdSupply has forgotten to include a form with this shipment… :roll_eyes:

I just received a full reimbursement of the amount I had to pay FedEx (including the provision), so it seems they fix it properly.

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I’m so glad, you opened that topic here. I got my Yellow Kit already a couple of weeks ago and now recieved the invoice from FedEx (wouldn’t be surprised if the delay is caused by German Customs that is really, really, really slow). I reached out to CrowdSupply and wait for an answer. Seem like there is no other chance than paying the invoice and waiting for a good answer from CrowdSupply Support.

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Follow up

Crowd supply has now refunded 205.44 DKK which is only the VAT itself

They did not refund the full 418.70 DKK that I had to pay. I am not satisfied with this. I bought the Yellow only to support the project and now I feel cheated.

That sucks!

I’m still waiting for my refund, will update everyone on the amount.

This might be an error. I checked with Crowd supply whether I would get a full refund and below is their answer. I’m not overwhelmed by their level of clarity, but my conclusion = we should get a full refund

As for Crowd Supply reimbursing, we are getting reimbursed ourselves for the system error with FedEx!

I complained about the missing compensation
They answered back asking the exact amount that was missing (31 USD) which I have sent.
Now we will see if I get the rest.
I was pretty clear in my initial complaint sending them an image of the Fedex invoice. I cannot understand how difficult it can be.

I will report back when I next step happens which I hope is a reverse transfer of the credit card for the 31 USD.

You got cheated by Fedex. I had the same issue with them a few years back on a different purchase (Watches from Japan).
They charged an incorrect (higher) amount of import tax and topped it with a service fee. I just paid them the correct tax amount and rejected to pay the fee as I never contracted them to handle the process (at the time I dealt with customs myself when necessary).
Because of this scam I avoid Fedex whenever possible.

Crowd Supply has now reembursed the full amount.

So now you all know. Complain if you were charged. Check that you get the right amount returned. And complain again if if it is not right. They are not cheaters. They are just not very competant.

I do not believe the fault is Fedex. When you ship to EU, you charge the VAT depending on the country of destintion and report it to IOSS. When a shipment is registered with tracking in IOSS the shipment never goes through customs and no fees.

You cannot see it on the package or on shipping notes which I find bizar because it becomes difficult for the consumer to make claims when mistakes are made.

There seem to be a lot of changing hands as these shipments were sold by Nabu Casa through Croud Supply, with Mouser as middle warehouse, and Fedex and shipping company. Somewhere the IOSS was either not done or the information lost. Mouser uses IOSS all the time. I often buy from Mouser and they always do it right. Even Aliexpress does it right. Of 50+ packages, only 1 Aliexpress seller goofed it up. So normally it works.

With the new EU rules the bagatel limit went away and you now always pay VAT. But not paying the huge fees has actually been a huge improvement for us in EU.

I avoid sellers outside EU that do not charge VAT and use IOSS.

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