Home Assistant Yellow - Updated Status

Has anyone received one of these yet or even a tracking number?

It’s a bit early for that.

…we remain cautiously optimistic that we can start deliver Home Assistant Yellow in the second quarter 2022.


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Thank you.

I will try to find solutions until the product is available for sale. The Blue appears to be sold out as well. I am not excited about any solutions that stores its data on SD. It is just not reliable and I want to use these hubs in commercial applications.

You can run the Generic x86 image on an old second hand laptop if you have one. Bonus - it has a battery backup for power outages.

Not a bad idea but I want to have a solution that I can put in customers homes and offices.

I’m still very new to Home Assistant, and right now I’m running HA on a Pi4 with an SSD setup.

I was looking at the site to preorder the Home Assistant Yellow, but noticed the fully built unit for $169 says “This variant does not have Power-over-Ethernet.”.

Was there another fully built unit that had POE, that is no longer listed to buy any more?

Thanks for any info.