Home-assistant-zwave-js-ui usb serial port closed unexpectedly

I have been trying to set up a docker container with home-assistant-zwave-js-ui to talk with my Z-Stick Gen5 (ZW090) - UZB.

I have tried to use serial/by-id/ and also the direct path to the USB device but each time in the logs I get serial port closed unexpectedly. Here is the extract from the logs, I find it interesting it references ZW0100 but udevadm info shows it as a “Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 (ZW090) - UZB” Could it also be a firmware issue on the stick as its quite old ? Checked in the UI and the path is right anyone have any ideas ?

At least one network key for S2 configured, enabling S2 security manager...
driver ready
Checking for configuration updates...
[Node 001] The node is alive.
[Node 001] The node is ready to be used
[Node 002] Beginning interview - last completed stage: ProtocolInfo
CNTRLR » [Node 002] pinging the node...
SERIAL » 0x010800130201002501c3                                              (10 bytes)
DRIVER » [Node 002] [REQ] [SendData]
                                  │ transmit options: 0x25
                                  │ callback id:      1
SERIAL « [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
SERIAL « 0x0104011301e8                                                       (6 bytes)
SERIAL » [ACK]                                                                   (0x06)
DRIVER « [RES] [SendData]
was sent: true
DRIVER   No configuration update available...
DRIVER   Serial port errored: The serial port closed unexpectedly! (ZW0100)
DRIVER   destroying driver instance...
DRIVER   driver instance destroyed

That stick must be on a USB 2.0 hub otherwise it will not work. I use this one and then out that stick on a 6’ extension cable.

I think it $12 on Amazon

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Can you let me know why using a hub would make it work ? Is it a power issue ? or are you thinking it’s a signal issue. If it was a signal issue it should still work ? just that I might have interference or issues connecting to distance devices ?

Happy to get a hub I just want to understand why this is the fix

That is the consensus of this forum and seems to solve most peoples problems.

What environment are you running on?

Thanks for the feedback, and the reason behind it. I do have a USB 2.0 Powered hub that I can try. I also ordered an official Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 Plus USB as well to be on the safe side.

I am running ubuntu and then running home-assistant-zwave-js-ui in a docker container , before that I was running smartthings. Looking forward to playing with HA but knew I needed to get zwave working first