Home Asssistant OS install on Proxmox VE VM - Whiskerz7 script failing and fix

Long story short. I wanted to install HA OS on a PVE7 VM and had previously been using the Whiskerz7 script (https://github.com/whiskerz007/proxmox_hassos_install).
The script failed with the following error “ERROR] [email protected] Unable to handle file extension ‘zip’” and I noticed that the script was downloading haos_ova-6.3.vmdk.zip.
After checking HA OS Alternative documentation, I found that the script was downloading the VMWare installation candidate but there is a more appropriate installation for KVM/Proxmox.
I changed line 84 of the script to download the KVM/Proxmox candidate and ran:

bash -c "$(wget -qLO - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mr-biz/proxmox_hassos_install/master/install.sh)"

This worked for me.

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