Home automation and Rfxtrx

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I installed the last version of Home Assistant 0.53.1 on Ubuntu with the Rfxtrx ext2.
Everything went well with the installation. When i start the webbrowser there are incoming sensors (for now only temp sensors). In the configuration > Customization tab i will give them a friendly name. That works okay.
But if I reboot or restart the service from home assistant and he checks the sensors, the sensors are found again but without friendly name. When i check the id’s from the sensors it changed to other numbers:

friendly_name: Temp Koelkast

after restart services

friendly_name: Temp Koelkast

In the configuration file i set the folowing settings:


platform: rfxtrx

automatic_add: True

How i can i solve this issue? Do i have to add something in the configuration file?

Python release (python3 --version):
Python 3.5.2


Have you added the sensor to your config file as described in the documentation ?

I did now, but how come the ID doesnt change now after a restart of the service?

If you want to change the entity ID itself, you need to name the device in your sensor section - for example:

  platform: rfxtrx
     name: newentityname

Where XXXXXXXXXX is the ID you detected using automatic_add.

The friendly_name in customize.yaml is used for the GUI but not the actual entity name itself.

I’ve got a blog post on the subject that might help - it gives a worked through example of an Oregon Scientific weather sensor.

tnx for your reply:) it works now :smiley: i think in the future i will make a step to zwave. The rfxtrx protocol seems a little bit old and i miss the 2 way communication.

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I think the 433MHz devices have their place - they’re usually a lot cheaper than Z-Wave for a start, and there are devices available that don’t have Z-Wave equivalents. Given a choice I’d use Z-Wave throughout as well, but the beauty of HA is I don’t have to choose :slight_smile: