Home Connect Alt - Start In Relative (Absolute Time)

Hi All

I’m trying to create an option on my dishwasher lovelace card where I schedule the program start by inputing the program end time, but I’m stuck at the very beggining since I cannot correctly call the service.

I’ve been experimenting in developer tools but no luck

service: home_connect_alt.start_program
  device_id: 9e532ef76504ca318c354aea97de58e9
    - key: time.261060528501004312_bsh_common_option_startinrelative
      value: "21:00:00"
  validate: true
  program_key: Dishcare.Dishwasher.Program.Intensiv70

It returns:
Falha ao chamar o serviço home_connect_alt.start_program. Unknown option feature key: time.261060528501004312_bsh_common_option_startinrelative

Remote Start is allowed on the dishwasher.
Any Help?

Thanks in advance!