Home_connect integration question - alerts?

I’m not sure the best way/place to post this as it’s specific to the home_connect integration (appliances like stoves, washer/dryers, etc.)

I have it installed and it works and is connected to my Thermador appliances. I’m trying to figure out how to get Home Connect “alerts” through HA. If, for example, I leave my fridge door open, Home Connect (the native app) generates an alert. But I can’t seem to get those alerts through HA. There is an entity that shows me whether the fridge door is open or closed, but that changes the moment the door opens. I could probably build my own alert in HA to monitor the amount of time the door has been opened, but it would be nice to tap into the Home Connect function that generates the native alert.

Does anyone know if that’s possible or can be added to the Home Connect integration (or how to request a feature add like that)?