Home Connect integration receives no sensor data

Hi everybody
Just installed and configured the Home Connect integration to get my Bosh dishwasher into HA. Created developer account, created app, inserted client ID and secret into configuration.yaml. Connection works and the dish washer is found. One device (the dish washer) and 31 entities are created automatically, mostly switches but also the sensors I’m interested in (remaining_program_time, operation_mode, etc.). But all sensors are shown as “unavailable” and never get any data. Is this a known problem with an easy solution? (Just saw one post of a guy whose sensors became populated only after he switched on the device. Doesn’t work for me at least.)
Any help appreciated, thank you in advance,


Same problem for me. Did you ever get your sensors to work?

Been Having the same issue with my dishwasher . I remove power from device (do not reset) and this does a complete reboot . This seem to fix issue