Home location way off. Locaation Service shows away

My home location in Zones is showing me in China. Is this the reason location shows me away?

This is from my configuration.yaml (lat/long masked)


  name: Home
  latitude: xx.xxxxxx
  longitude: xx.xxxxxx
  elevation: 213
  unit_system: imperial
  time_zone: America/Chicago

What do you have in the GUI?
I don’t know which trumps the other, but I set my data in the GUI configuration

The GUI Configuration > Zones > Home shows me in China. Home is not editable (greyed out)

No, GUI -> Configuration -> General (configuration)

Ah… I missed that… showed me in China and “I was unable to edit because the data was stored on my configuration.yaml”

I commented it out in the yaml and after a reboot, was able to select the proper location under General (configuration)

Also fixed my presence issue.

Thanks for your help!!