"Home" location when using two instances of HASS.io in two different locations

Life360 is what we use at home to track our location.

I have two separate instances of HA running. One at home, and one at our church. Each are completely independent of each other except for the following:

On both systems, I’ve configured Life360 identically. So far, it seems to work well, as long as you’re a Life360 user.

So, when I’m at home, status at home shows home and status at the church shows home. Makes sense for my status. But not others.

When I’m at the church, my status shows “Church” as dictated by Life360’s integration.

Incidentally, for users who have installed the iOS HA App, they also show as Church.

All other nmap tracked devices come up as home.

Now, In NodeRED, I have a get states node that pulls all ^person.* entities and counts them if their state is Church. If the count is zero, away mode is set as a global context variable.

Is there a way, for a user who is not using the iOS app, and is only tracked based upon IP address on the network, to be something other than the default home designation?

One way to do this is you pull the tracking device attribute of each person status you add switch pallet where if the attribute contains “life360” it send the messages to a function palette where

var status = msg.payload
if(status === "Church") {
     return msg}
    return null}

from there you add a change palette where you change msg.payload to home.

This way you sync life360 users with ip address users