HomeAssistant 0.66.0 + Nortek = No Automation

I have a pi 3 running HomeAssistant 0.66.0 with a Nortek USB.
I have been playing with it for several days now. I have a problem with running scripts.
I have not come across any fix. The symptoms are…

I can control the device on/off manually. It works fine manually.
However, manually setting the state “on or off” does nothing physically on the switch.
The slider toggles to the on position but the switch physically does not apply power.
Manually toggling the device off then back on … viola it works … but not with a script.
I am about to go crazy … anyone else have this problem?

I reloaded everything from Scratch. It is working again with a new build 0.66.1.
Not sure if that fixed anything. But now my Device numbers are higher (Door Lock was #2 now #25)
Just bugs me.