HomeAssistant and debmatic (Homematic OCCU) on the same raspberry Pi 3

Hi, I have Home Assistant running on raspberry Pi (under Raspbian) and want to integrate Homematic and Homematic IP devices (without additional hoemmatic CCU). As I understand, I woudl need an interface (HM-MOD-RPI-PCB), connect it to my raspberry Pi, install OCCU software (easiest way probably using debmatic https://github.com/alexreinert/debmatic), install XML-API addon, and then use hoemmatic component in Home Assistant. Is taht correct? Does anyone have expirience with that? I found a lot of using raspberrymatic on raspberry pi as an CCU3, but in taht case I would need an additional raspberry Pi. Would my plan work?

did you manage it that way? I do have debmatic and hass.io (docker) on one machine and they don’t communicate!? :- (

With debmatic not. I installed original CCU SW in docker and it works well with my Home Assistant core.

debmatic should work according to Homematic hmip rf-usb under Home Assistant Supervised on Debian 10

Installed now Home Assistant and debmatic on a fresh raspberry OS and it works.