Homeassistant.check_config service: show result?

Hi there.
I’m in the process of building myself an admin panel that has all the actions I frequently use but that I’m too lazy to access through the UI (e.g. Restart/Reboot, etc).
Now I’m calling the “homeassistant.check_config” service to quickly check my config. But unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a way to show the actual result. Having the button turn green or red would be enough, or one could also get a popup or have a message appear on screen. But how do I get the output from the service? Maybe I can configure the logger to also log the output from that function and then have it trigger an event that I can use? But then, I can’t seem to find the appropriate component to activate logging for. Does anyone know either the correct component/namespace for the logger or another appropriate way to show the result?

It already does.

I’m gonna have to correct you on that, cause it really doesn’t for me. I’ve clicked it several times now, but nothing appears in the logs. homeassistant.core is already activated… Do you know what I’ll have to activate?

If the config check fails the errors will be written to the log.

I use this

It’s also in HACS. Works great

sorry for asking after so long time
is this config-check repo still working for you ?
I seem not to get any result, and i think that the repo has been forgotten by the author :frowning: