Homeassistant container not linked

Hey, I have a question. I’ve tried to install hassio on raspian (via the docker script on the hassio install page), however I need to pipe through a serial device (for DSMR monitoring) to the homeassistant container. I have managed to do this succesfully, (by backing up the homeassistant container generated by the install script and running it with the --device parameter) however that broke the connection between homeassistant and the hassio_supervisor container (probably because of a hash mismatch which I found in the logs of the supervisor container). Is there a way in which I can relink these containers? The error I get on the homeassistant container side is in the gui: Unable to load the panel source: /api/hassio/app/entrypoint.js

Or where is the default location of the config files for all hassio containers? Maybe there is a parameter in there that I can change