Homeassistant on pi in bootloop

I have Homeassistant running on a Raspberry Pi 4B with an SSD connected with an SATA to USB3 adapter, but recently it broke. I got a new one and now my homeassistant is bootlooping. I think it has something to do with files not able to be accessed, but I’m not sure where to start troubleshooting. Can someone help me with what to do? (and yes, I should start with making backups of my homeassistant)

i’ve connected my raspberry pi to an monitor and it repeats:[ xxx.xxxxxx] SQASHFS error: unable to read matadata cache entry/directory block

Start over. According to AI, this error usually means a corrupted ISO or flawed write to the boot media.

Maybe the new adpter is one of these problematic uas-adapters.
Try booting when it’s connected to USB2 instead of USB3.

thanks a lot! its working again