HomeAssistant on Raspberry Pi 400?

I’m brand new here and would like to familiarize myself with the topic.
Since Raspberry Pi4 are very expensive at the moment and I could get a Pi 400 for free, I would like to know if I can use it for HomeAssistant?
Many, many thanks for your help.

Yes, it is possible. Just think about, that the most installation methods are headless, so the keyboard and such would become useless…

Thank You.
Just scratching the surface, what do you mean by headless?

Basically, that means that the device doesn’t need to have a display attached.

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A headless linux installation is one without a graphical user interface. They’re meant to be run without a screen, and if you do attach one you’ll see a terminal only (think a DOS window, but as your whole screen. And linux, so far more capable).

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Thank you for your answers.
So that would be possible for a low-cost entry and I still have all the possibilities of HomeAssistant

Yes, it will be fine…

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