Homeassistant RPI3B hassos_rpi3-4.10.img.gz network issue

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Hi All,

Immediate help needed!

I had been running to installation of hassOS 0.111.x and 0.110.x both instances became unavailable simultaneously. There seems to be network issue as I made multiple attempts to setup new from hassos_rpi3-4.10.img.gz image both on RPI3B and RPI3B+.

  1. Wired LAN connection, installation completes, becomes accessible via http://homeassistant.local:8123 but not getting IP. I tried even plugging in USB drive to pick network configuration for wifi connectivity and import from USB option but nothing happens.
  2. Installation with wifi configuraton on USB drive and after few minutes of green light flashing, nothing happens. Device not visible on network.

After making more than 10 attempts, both development and production servers for homeassistant are down and that’s keeping entire automation down.

Any help appreciated.