Homeassistent does not respond on wifi


I struggle with an issue for quite some time now. My hassio does not respond on the isp provided router wifi.
In my house I have the ISP provided router (zte f618) that connects to a switch with no management and upstais I have an (tp-link archer a6) that is set up as AP.
The raspberry PI (hassio) is connected on the Ethernet (lan) on the Switch.
I am able to access it over ip while I am connected on ethernet also while I am connected to the tp-link archer a6 wifi.
But I can not access it over the isp wifi.

Note that I did look at the wifi settings and wifi isolation is not enabled.
Also If I log in the management of the ISP wifi I can ping and it responds from there.

If I try to connect I get host is unrecheable.

I don’t know what else to try, can someone suggest anything?