Homeconnect reformat state with template?


I’m using homeconnect alt to see my diswasher. I get only with some states so info I don’t want.

For example de selected program sensor with gives this as state:


I only want as result Eco50. I want to use it as secondary info. Any idea how I can do this with a template

Hi, try this:

{% set variable1="Dishcare.Dishwasher.Program.Eco50" %}
{% set list1 = variable1.split('.') %}
{{ list1[3] }} 


Thnx That is working.

Only the variable changes when selecting a program. So the template should be dynamic. So the template should read the sensor and than only show the latest valuue



{{ (states('sensor.YOUR_ID').split('.'))[-1] }}

[-1] means last item, or first counting in reverse.

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Great thnx that works