HomeKit accessories not respond status

Since the last update of the HA
The HomeKit connected to the HA and the accessories are synchronized and shown in the HomeKit app.
A day after the synchronized all accessories are shown in the HomeKit app as “Not responding”.

I can confirm this with 0.102.3.

I’m running HA 0.102.2 and have a current uptime of 2.5 days and all of my HomeKit devices show their status and I can control all of them. Previously I have had an uptime anywhere from 9-18 days with no issues. I also have ZWave devices, so I have auto_start: false configured for the HomeKit component and an automation to start HomeKit after all ZWave devices and the ZWave network is “Ready”. Maybe delaying the start of HomeKit will help with devices being available for you?
Otherwise, restart HA and check your logs for any HomeKit related errors.

Using the auto-start: false and HomeKit automation: start after 5 minutes delay - is Fixing this problem
Everything is working well now


Same for me auto_start: false did the trick. I have no ZWave but Homematic which also seems to need some startup time.