HomeKit Bridge Camera Talk to Speaker


I use Unifi Cameras with integrated Speakers which I could allready integrate into HomeKit.
But at the moment it only uses video and audio input (Micro) and not audio output (Speaker).
I would like to have the Talk Button like in the Picture below.

At the moment I configured it over the UI as accessory.
What I have to do, that I also could use the speaker?

I don’t know why, but after a few days the button suddenly appeared. :+1:

Hey. could you help me out? how to intergrate sonoff camera gk200 to a homekit bridge? i havent found any solution


Sry, I have only unifi cameras.
But if you have your sonoff camera allready in HomeAssistant, then this is possible. :+1:


Sorry i dont understand.

  1. what method did you use for make your unifi camera work with homekit environment?
    2.is there any config.yaml file that i need to input (write)?

I used the Unifi Protect Integration to get the cameras into HomeAssistant.
And I use the HomeKit Bridge Integration to integrate the HomeAssistant devices into HomeKit.