Homekit controller - already paired devices

I tried run HA on a virtual machine on WIn10 just to test it and on the first run i found all my devices (Bticino gateway and Somfy tahoma) autodiscovered on the device tab. I had only to insert the pairing code and all the switch/curtain ecc… automatically added.

now i’ve buyed a raspberry and i cannot find any unpaired device when i add the homekit controller. Is because i’ve already paired my devices with the virtual machine HA? how can unpair it?


I though HA on vm under win10 is not supported . If you want to use the rasberry Pi then better deleted everything from homekit ( on your phone ) .

This is what I did and I have 25 devices . How many devices do you have ?

yes,it works under win10

i’ve downloaded the virtualbox image here Windows - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)

i have only 2 devices