Homekit frontend integration include entity

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Really liking the new way to setup HomeKit in the frontend in 0.110, however I’m missing the option to include entities. This used to be possible in the YAML version, and would in my opinion be a great addition to the exclude entity option already available in the frontend.

right, i installed aqara hub with homekit integration but i can’t use options like alarm sound, signal strength or battery charge

@bdraco is this something you could look at?

You can alter the exclude filter in the options flow.

If you need more customized configuration, YAML is the way to go.

That seems counter intuitive as home assistant is moving away from YAML for setup. Shouldn’t it be the other way round, as in having more settings through the frontend instead of YAML?

Please read ADR-0010 https://github.com/home-assistant/architecture/blob/eeb2b93527ccf868745c11ff3e321e21b1bb90cd/adr/0010-integration-configuration.md

HomeKit doesn’t fall into the two categories that are moving towards UI only configuration. As the schema for homekit configuration is extremely complex, the UI based configuration is not going to be able to offer the same level of control as YAML.

Oke you got me on that one. I thought it would be easy to integrate as YAML already provided this. But it looks like I’m wrong.

Thanks for the explanation and all your hard work on the project!

including specific devices via configflow would be great.
I just like to add one media_player and one light (tradfri via hue bridge)

thanks for considering

The docs seem to indicate that you should be able to do this via to GUI…I’m guessing it’s broken or was left out.