Homekit Infused 5 (HKI) v2023.1.3

i started with just coping over the lovelace folder
then edited my resources and config.yamk to point to new lovelace view
so i didnt overwrite a thing of my excisting folders/files

first start is verry ugly , then just edit page a page

How do you get the notifications to pop up everytime there is some new info? I have got the markdown card working but i cant figure out how you are getting them to pop up.
I am not using declutting.

Hope you can give me some clues :slight_smile:

You should use conditional cards for that. How to do that you can find here.

Did you set yaml mode in configuration.yaml?

You can not use this with the GUI editor. You will need to use yaml mode instead of storage mode. Please read my documentation on how to do that.

Hello again, another update and this will be the last for a few days I promise.
I had a lot of feedback the past few days from many people here on the forums and on my discord/whatsapp channels. One of the major requests was if it would be possible to have less frequent smaller updates. So to listen to your feedback, I will do updates once a week but they will be slightly bigger than the small updates I provide now.

Another request was if it was possible to use other payment methods to donate to. I have put a lot of hours in this project and I put the same amount of hours to share this with you (and writing docs/updates etc). Remember that I do this for fun, support me if you want, just know I don’t do it for donations, I do this because I like you people to enjoy HA just as much as I do, but without investing the same amount of time in it than I did. A little word of appreciation will make me equally as happy. I have provided a paypal link on the repo for those who really want to support me.

Remember, every file described below has #comments, use these comments as guidelines for your update!

Release v0.11.2 14/08/2019

Changes Overview 14/08/2019:

v. 0.11.2

  • Fixed colors for white themes on graphs and headers
  • Changed colors in weather/postnl to match theme colors
  • Changed grid on light/device buttons (state and label are now aligned horizontally)
  • Added buienradar iframe
  • Fixed security button not showing when alarm was armed
  • Changed the way of showing brightness (it now only shows if a light is on), Special thanks to @ jeroenklompen and @ marswarrior (tweakers.net) for sharing this code, unfortunately I do not know their HA community names (srry)
  • White themes now have a white dashboard/configuration/sidebar

Update Guide from 0.11.1 to 0.11.2:

Please read this first. In all changed files there is a # Changed/Added in 0.11.2. Change/Add these lines in your own files. Most changes are relatively small. Find these tags in any of the files that have changed so you can easily change/add your own lines/files.
This is true for every file below. Note: If it says a file has changed but there are no comments, than it is most likely you only need to remove lines. Below you can read which lines/stacks you will need to remove.
I am only human, I do this for hobby, am an amateur and bound to make mistakes. If you find anything missing to the information below feel free to make suggestions.


*Includes: if you use the same configuration as I do, you can just copy these files

  • New includes folder
  • brightness-label.yaml (this is the new brightness label, brightness now only shows when ON, the reason it is an include is to declutter the light.yaml file)
  • light-device-grid.yaml (this is the new grid used for lights and devices, it will make state and label show horizontally on the same line, the reason it is an include is so you can use it elsewhere if required)


*Templates: if you do not change templates I provide you can always just copy these files without the need of checking the code, Unless when there are added variables!

  • Changed header-template.yaml (color is now variable, you will have to add the following line in all your themes ‘header-color: white’ or copy the ones from the repo)
  • Changed switch-template.yaml (grid is now a template, see comments in the file they are marked with a version number. This is to make other grids possible)
  • Changed mini-graph-template.yaml (hardcoded color is now removed, nothing replaces this as it will use global theme colors now)

*Views: views contain information about your own entities, do not just copy this!

  • Changed lights.yaml (labels have been changed to the new format with includes, grid changed for ALL entities, use the included files in the includes folder with this)
  • Changed devices.yaml (grid changed for ALL entities)
  • Changed energy.yaml (graphs now have the same size and font, decimals are set to 0 and a blank card is added to the bottom for a better smartphone view)
  • Changed frontpage.yaml (the security button is now back in the quick access menu when the alarm is armed, this was gone by mistake)
  • Changed weather.yaml (added headers to the cards, added buienradar iframe)
  • Changed postnl-jimmy/stephanie.yaml (the postnl card now has a background matching the theme set)

*Themes: if you use the same themes, just copy these.

  • Changed ALL themes (added the following line: ‘header-color: white’)
  • Changed ALL white themes (now all white themes have a white dashboard/configuration screen)

*Other: unnecessary, but might be useful for some.

  • Changed all remaining decluttering cards that did not have descriptive text (added descriptive text, you don’t need this in any way, it is just informative)
  • Changed all decluttering cards (parameters have been renamed to variables, you don’t need this in any way, it is just informative)

Some screenshots of this update:


Mars Warrior here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Nice update. We are becoming digital twins regarding layout & styling, although using our own templates and setup. Goal seems to be the same :rofl:

I did post some screenshots here

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Very nice, I really like how you did your themes. It makes me want to rewrite my themes as well as they are pretty raw now.

Your themes will inspire me to make my own. I also “borrowed” your code for the brightness values (the one that shows nothing when a light is off, thank you for that).

I have mentioned you in my notes, though I wasn’t sure if you were the same Mars Warrior that is on tweakers.

dont change to much!! :slight_smile:

Don’t worry I am pretty happy where the project is standing. The only thing I don’t like is my theme :stuck_out_tongue: (well yes the colors I do like, just not the way it is written). In that matter coding with material-design standards seem like a much better approach.

As I wrote on Tweakers, with a design background, I started with the theming as I wanted to separate the looks from the functionality. It was a lot of work to do that, as I had to rewrite all my templates.

On the other hand my views & cards have gotten a lot better: much less yaml code!

And we both seem to like what Apple did with homekit :grinning:.

That is what github is all about: sharing idea’s!
It is the first time I published my designs on Github btw.

On most forums there is only 1 Mars Warrior, or MarsWarrior, or MarsRocks :rofl:

Like on most forums there is only 1 jimzz or jimz011 :stuck_out_tongue:.

Did you move away from popup cards because they in turn can’t open their own popups? I just started implementing some of your layout and tried to do it without all the views since that seemed a bit much for me, but now I’m starting to rethink…

there is still a light popup card, weather popup is gone

Ah, maybe the popups were never used in the way I think. I’ve followed this ui for quite some time now, but just recently checked in the code.

you need to define the entities also in the light-popup file, otherwise they are not shown
only works with lights though, not input_numbers for volume stuff

I was mostly wondering about the reasoning, I don’t have any problem with implementation :slight_smile:

I moved away from popup cards for a few reasons.

  1. They can’t be scrolled on so the size is fixed (and small)
  2. They can be buggy at times depending on the content (especially on older devices)
  3. They are harder to code than views (as they give more problems)
  4. They can’t show more info windows as it is already a more-info window
  5. Views are so much easier to maintain
  6. One less custom:card

Basically I find the views so much better and in my configuration the views will look exactly the same as a popup window. There is no header in my config and all the views are hidden anyways.

I hope this answers your question.

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Popups aren’t the way to go, I tried using popups as well and it just creates more problems (popup location, size, cross device compatibility, capabilities, etc). Jimz was right to change to views, much more flexible and easier to work with, I don’t see many downsides to doing it this way. I think you will be happier to implement the views like Jimz.

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I think you both are correct. I will probably keep popups for some things where a whole view is overkill, but I will look into using views this way. I already have cch so it should be easy enough to hide them.

Another great thing about the views is that you can have a tablet variant as well in landscape mode. Without adding too much code. See my repo for examples.

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