Homekit integration anomalies

#homekit - Hi All, I’m an Android person, never used or owned an Apple. However I want to use the Homekit Controller to get away from the Tuya and Tado web service integration to IoT class ‘Local Push’ as suggested by Tinkerer. Even though I don’t have a Homekit hub, I can get the integration to work by including both the Homekit and Homekit Controller integrations. If I delete the Tuya and Tado integrations after installing Homekit and Homekit Controller, the Tuya and Tado devices and entities disappear, so I have to keep these integrations too. This makes things messy because then I have two of every Tuya and Tado device and entity.
However, the real issue I am having is that every time I reboot I get additional devices and entities added for all the Homekit compatible devices. Of course I could turn off the zeroconf setting, but I am still building my entire house automation and need to add cameras, door and window sensors, etc.
Am I stretching things too far? Should I buy a Homekit hub?