HomeKit integration not available via cloud…

Sorry for being a newbie,
I’ve integrated my Envisalink 4 with DSC Alarm to HA & made it available via HASS Bridge (HomeKit integration) to Apple HomeKit which works great locally.
Unfortunately HomeKit option losses all access (no response) when I’m not home so I added DuckDNS & NGinX for HA Cloud access which works as well for HA but doesn’t for HomeKit integration.

A would DEEPLY appreciate all assistance to make my HomeKit integration work when I’m not at home via the Cloud without Nabu Casa.

Thanks in advance,

I see your post is pretty old, but I figured I would respond in case others run into a similar problem.

I have my garage door connected to HA with a Zigbee Relay Switch. I then enabled the HomeKit integration in HA and connected my iPhone to it. At home, with my phone on the same network subnet, I could open/close my garage door with my iPhone via Home. Now, what I was after was the ability to open my garage door via CarPlay. As soon as my phone was connected to my car, I was not able to open/close my garage door. On my phone, it said my garage door was not responding.

What I had to do was enable HomeKit on an Apple TV (HomePod should work as well). The Apple TV (or HomePod) allows external access, via HomeKit, to my HA instance at home.