Homekit: new pin after every restart


After every restart, HA changes the pin for the HomeKit component; I therefore can’t access my devices anymore, have to delete the home assistant bridge in Apple’s home app and readd the bridge and every device. Is it possible (as in homebridge) to define a fixed pin that doesn’t change with every restart?

thanx alot.

The Pin is only relevant for the initial pairing. Therefore it doesn’t matter that it changes after every restart.

Really? Didn‘t know that. The problem must be elsewhere then. Because after a restart (and maybe after a while even without restart?) HA can‘t connect to the HomeKit Bridge anymore. I have to delete the Bridge and reconnect with the new pin.

That’s a know issue. Sometimes it seems to do it’s own thing, unfortunately. However, in my experience repairing isn’t necessary. Most of the times closing the Home App and reopening does the trick.