HomeKit not reading Aqara sensors

Hello all.
I have some issues with homekit not receiving my zigbee entities. It is only my aqara sensors, like temp, motion and door/window. Other products like the relays from aqara and other vendors works like a charm.

I have a homeassistant server running in docker and I use a conbee II usb zigbee stick connected with ZHA. I’ve tried other setups with phoscon as well. Had the same issues when running directly on raspberry. I have an idea about it being due to the entities being added manually and that I might need to change some configuration file with regards to the sensor type. But I can’t really figure this out. Anyone with similar issues who have found a solution for this?

I can’t address you’re particular problem… but

I’m using quite a few aqara motion, contact sensors, plugs, temperature, water leak and cubes.

For the temperature, water leak sensors and cubes I connect them with Conbee II / deConz/ phoscon.

The motion, contact sensors and plugs I connect with the aqara M1 hub, then homekit integrates the entities.

I’ve had very few problem with this setup.


My issue is that the sensors does not show up in the HomeKit app. All of them are visible in homeassistant as entities

I just bought a Aquara water sensor and run in to exact the same problem. HA and Conbee 2/ZHA pics up the sensor but it doesn’t show in HomeKit, did you ever figure it out?

Have you checked your Homekit integration configuration?

Yes, everything else is showing up fine it’s just the Aqara water that doesn’t want to play:)
I have an outdoor temperature sensor and that one shows up as it should.
Unles the Aqara water sensor should have an other box ticked in HomeKit integration than sensor.
Probably me who messed it up but can’t figure out what it could be.

Hi - older message. But I have the same issue with my Aquara temperature sensor. Have you find any solution to fix this?