Homekit not showing KNX covers progress anymore


I am facing a strange situation with HomeKit reading the state of my KNX covers. Before 2022.8 Home Assistant update, HomeKit was showing the progress of my covers while they were opening or closing (progress in percentage).

After 2022.8 Home Assistant update, HomeKit doesn’t show anymore the progress. I only have the final state, i.e., either closed or open or 47% or 95% etc… But nothing is showing the progress in % while the covers are moving up or down.

I haven’t changed anything to my config files… All is the same as before.

I must say that I still have the 2022.7.7 Home Assistant instance that is working fine in HomeKit. But I noticed that since the 2022.8 update, I lost in HomeKit the progress of my covers.

Is it a known issue? I have searched for days an answer in the forums.

Hope someone can help.


Hi :wave:!

Debugging an installation that is 6 releases behind won’t get you very far. I recommend to upgrade to 2023.1 (or .2 next week) - maybe do every (or every second) release at a time - and see how it behaves then.

Also have a look if HA UI shows the movement of your covers correctly (not HomeKit) to see if Knx or HomeKit integration causes that.

Thank you for your reply.

I have an instance with the latest updates (2023.1.7). It is this one that is faulty with HomeKit (noticed since 2023.1). I have another instance with 2022.7.7 which is working fine with HomeKit.

Also, on HA UI, the cover behaves as it should, showing the movement progress.

I will see what next week release can fix or not.

I just checked on iOS 16.2: my covers show moving state in HK (opening / closing) when not in detail view.
In HK Detail view (full screen cover) it doesn’t reflect moving state, nor does it show position updates.

Maybe this is related https://github.com/home-assistant/core/pull/77101

Seems to be similar issue.

In my case, when not in detail view, I don’t see anymore progress of the percentage count (which is the case with the old version of HA). And indeed, in detail view, nothing updates in terms of progress at all.

No percentage in non-detail view, only the state “closing” (German “Schließen”). Although it says that when closing or opening.
(Just updated to iOS 16.3. - may be same before)

Yes it was the same before with iOS 16.2. Still, with HA 2022.7.7 and iOS 16.2/3, it works fine as it should.

@rik2878 did you open an issue at Github for that? If it is still working on HA 2022.7 I guess its definitely a HA problem (or a problem in the used library).

I don’t know how to “open an issue at Github”… and be specific in my comment.

I will look at it.

Also, I noticed there was an update to xknx 1.0.0 in HA 2022.8.5 release.

There is an update for xknx in nearly every release of HA :wink:
But as long as HAs UI shows correct behavior you can cut the Knx integration from the equation.
The HomeKit integration only interacts with HA entities - where they get their states from is transparent to it.