HomeKit to person presence


I configured a person presence from HomeKit, base on this guide, https://jonas.brusman.se/2020-09-13-homekit-presence-home-assistant/
It works.

Like the guide writes, i create a input boolean, and map that to a automation in HomeKit. So when someone leave or arrives the input boolean get’s trigger. I then have a automation in home assistant like this:

alias: Homekit to device tracker
description: ‘’

  • platform: state
    entity_id: input_boolean.wife_present
  • platform: state
    entity_id: input_boolean.me_present
    condition: []
  • data_template:
    dev_id: homekit_{{ trigger.to_state.name }}
    location_name: ‘{{ ‘‘home’’ if trigger.to_state.state == ‘‘on’’ else ‘‘not_home’’ }}’
    service: device_tracker.see
    mode: parallel
    max: 10

Then in the people section, under the person, under device to track i added the device tracker object created by the automation.

That works.

But when, i restart HA, the input boolean keeps the last state, but the presence tracker (person tracker) doesn’t it reverts back to a default state, and then i get a offset tracker.

How, can i have the presence tracker always match the input boolean state? Or maybe get the presence tracker keep the last state, like the input boolean?


Make an automation that

  1. trigger at startup
  2. uses a condition to checks the state of the input_boolean
  3. calls device_tracker.see