HomeKit won't work properly after restart HA

I install HA 0.65.4. Everytime after restart HA, I have to re-link homekit on iOS device,
unless switch on/off will not assigned correctly. Anybody experience this?

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Yep same here. Just updated to 0.66 hoping it would be fixed, no dice. I think it may have something to do with persistent storage but I’m not certain. I wish they would’ve posted an example.

EDIT: I’ve updated my homekit’s filter paramater to exclude all devices but an input boolean for location based automation and it seems to work fine after reboots. I had over 100 devices connecting before, maybe there’s something within the amount or one of the other devices themselves.

Homekit by design allows only 99 devices so you have to choose wisely. The nativ config in 0.66 also has breaking changes as it now implements filtering also in the config and runs on a new port by default.

Ah I see, the amount of devices was probably my issue then. Thanks for the info!