Homematic HM-Dis-EP-WM55 support


I’m new to Home-Assistant and just started my first experiments and got my hands dirty. I’m a openHab user with a quite large Homematic setup.

Before moving really to HA I want to make sure all the devices I have are working. Therefor: has anyone some info if HM-Dis-EP-WM55 (Homematic ePaper display) is working and has working example for it?


It is only partially supported. It only fires events when you push the upper or lower button. So you can use that for automations. You can not control what is displayed on the display as far as I know. I assume it is similar to the HM-Dis-WM55 device. There it’s only possible to modify the display when using the CCU.

Thx @danielperna84 but that would be already a show stopper :frowning: I use Homegear + openHab so far and openHab has full support for the HM-Dis-EP-WM55 display as well, one can set text and icons for all 3 lines.

The HM-Dis-EP-WM55 is different from HM-Dis-WM55 in terms of it can be proactively updated. There is a dedicated channel for it and one can send an encoded string to update the 3 text lines, icons and LED, all in one string. Initially I constructed that string (it is “documented” somewhere in the Homematic forum) manually but lately the OH Homematic integration introduced some virtual channels to set all the display lines and icons in memory and push out to the display when ready.

Maybe I should not give up hat quickly. I read somewhere here on the forum with HA I have access to all device channels, so maybe I can construct this string in some python script and sent that to the display?
Since I’m new to HA, where would I find this? In the HA entities view I see many discovered Homematic devices but all switched & displays are not in that list.

If the device supports this, then probably the homematic.set_device_value would be the way to go. Have a look at the examples in this section of the documentation. On how to use the service. You can experiment with services by browsing to your.homeassistant.url:8123/dev-service.

That is working as designed. Home Assistant only displays entities for devices that have a state. Buttons don’t really have a state. When you press a button an event is fired. In the UI this would only cause the entity to flicker briefly, if at all. Have a look at this section of the documentation for more information about this topic.

Perhaps this helps: https://homeassistantforum.de/thema/homematic-epaper-display-hm-dis-ep-wm55-integration/#post-1415

Thanks @ingoha, yes that helps indeed the scripts in that post have been created by me :grinning:
Here is my blog post https://www.markus-haack.com/home-assistant-display describing it in detail.