HomeMatic HmIP-BROLL (RaspberryMatic)

Hey Homematic Users,

I am using a RPI4 with HomeAssistant and a RPI4 with RaspberyMatic and the RPI-RF-MOD. With the confiigration.yaml a connected both, and this is working fine. The devices from the HomeMatic are shown as entitys in HomeAssistant, and can be used/controlled.

But I have two questions:

  1. Is it normal, that there are only Entitys and no devices for the HomeMatic devices? Because its not possible to control those devices with Google Assistant when there is no Device in HomeAssitant (or is it possible to puplish entitiys to Google Assistant)

  2. I already read that the HmIP-Broll has some issues. I can controll my shutter with HomeAssistant, set a position with the slider, but when I am using the Up and then Stop Button the position level is always 1 or 0 after it. And I am not able to press for example the up button again, because HomeAssistant “think” that the cover is already completly up. So using the buttons does not store the correct position? Or when using the buttons the CCU is not posting back the correct position?

I dont know…I hope someone can understand that. As I read it had something to do with the channels 3 or 4.

Is there any workaround for that? If not I will wait if sometimes there is fix for it.

There is an issue in the pyhomatic github open since 24.04.2019