[Homematic IP] Add support for HMIP-RC8 on cloud platform

as far as I can see, there is currently no support for remote controls based on homematicip_cloud in HA.
HMIP-RC8, HMIP-KRCA, HMIP-KRC4, HMIP-WRC2, HMIP-WRC6 are already supported by homematicip-rest-api (https://github.com/coreGreenberet/homematicip-rest-api), but i cannot find any related HA implementation.

Please add support in HA for homematicip_cloud.
@mwelp: I hope you can help.

Thanks in advance

and please add Push Button for HMIP SMI55

Hi, it’s a pity but HomematicIP_Cloud can only support communication to the HMIP server (like your app on the mobil phone) and then back to the HUP. There is now way to emulate a push button device with the current integration. I’m sorry :frowning:

I can only add those devices as dummy devices and show the battery status or sabotage.

((, I thought that the principle of connecting devices is the same as in the iobroker. There it works through the Homematic IP cloud. https://github.com/iobroker-community-adapters/ioBroker.hmip

and thank you for your work, the German group is waiting to adding the missing devices.
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Interesting thing with the JS-API of iobroker is that they set the “on” attibute on a SINGLE_KEY_CHANNEL. (main.js / line 544)

SINGLE_KEY_CHANNELs are used by the HMIP Cloud for buttons of remote controls, but in the Python Rest API by @coreGreenberet the SINGLE_KEY_CHANNELs have no attribute “ON”. Thats why it is currently not possible to identify the triggered button of a remote control.

Question: Can buttons of remote controls be used in iobroker?

I asked the developer of the iobroker.hmip adapter and he also said that cloud api does not provide the required information. It is possible to use the buttons with conrad connect, but they might use a diffrent api for the homematic cloud.

@mwelp: Thank you for your support.

I think the integration of HmIP-BSL and HmIP-SLO might be more interessting.

Thanks a lot

Just a little update on this:
I’ve created a ticket on EQ3 on this case. They put the request to the developers for a review.
So maybe we are getting the functionality someday.

Fantastic news.

How do you create tickets? Just the normal contact form?


exactly, or just write them an email -> [email protected]

Any news on this?

sadly no. the api isn’t still providing us the needed information =(

I assume there is no update on this topci?