Homematic IP HmIP-RC8 event fires no action in automation7

my setup:
HA on RPI3 with Raspberrymatic addon.
I managed to get setup running, paired new devices and got the HmIP firing up events on eventbus:
“event_type”: “homematic.keypress”,
“data”: {
“name”: “Remote”,
“param”: “PRESS_SHORT”,
“channel”: 1
“origin”: “LOCAL”,
“time_fired”: “2022-01-16T16:57:19.717826+00:00”,
“context”: {
“id”: “501ccf7ecec13b492dd27fbe5927e94f”,
“parent_id”: null,
“user_id”: null
BUT, i can’t get a automation running reacting on that event !!
I read all possible working solutions i found, but it doesn’t work for me.
My automation:
``alias: wled
description: ‘’

  • event_data:
    channel: 1
    param: PRESS_SHORT
    address: Remote
    event_type: homematic.keypress
    platform: event
  • type: toggle
    device_id: a102057dd7a1182b9836d9914fb00711
    entity_id: light.wled
    domain: light
    mode: single``

The action works if if try from automations window but not from the remote.
Perhaps someone can help me out :wink:
regards, Peter

Hello Peter

Please try the following: create an automation like this:

  - platform: event
    event_type: homematic.keypress
      name: Remote
      channel: 1
      param: PRESS_SHORT
condition: []
  - service: light.toggle
      entity_id: light.wled 
mode: single

Maybe you already found another solution or mine doesn’t help as I’m a beginner, but please send feedback so others searching for a similiar problem (just like I did) know if this worked for you.

I got my WRC2 working with an Ikea lightstrip (connected via deconz) this way.