Homematic ip: new devices not showing up

Having a bit of a problem with Homematic for the eTrv-2 devices. Supposedly RaspberryMatic added support in 3.65, and it does appear to work, Home-assistant shows the device as an UNSUPPORTED type.

Raspberry Matic can teach in the devices, and they indeed show up there. But they don’t appear in any place in Home-assistant, including the entity display.

How does one attach logs here? Well, here’s a link to my one-drive
homematic - Full logs.txt


Notice that the eTrv-2 devices are shown as unsupported.
My core is 11.3
My supervisor is 10.2
My OS is 9.3
RaspberryMatic is

On Raspberry Pi3


Anyone have any thoughts on this?
Am I missing a configuration that enables the newer device?