Homematic radiator valves and wall thermostat - sync

Hello everyone,
I am running homematic system with CCU3 and bunch of valves radiators (HmIP-eTRV-2) and wall thermostats (HmIP-WTH-B). Home assistant integration works with no problems in general.

For each room, I’ve created direct connections in CCU3:

  • radiator valve uses wall thermostat as temperature sensor
  • manual change of temp in radiator valve transmits updated value to wall thermostat
  • manual change of temp in wall thermostat transmits updated value to radiator valve

In home assistant I can control all devices - valves and thermostats are visible as climate entities.

My issue - when I set temperature of wall thermostat using HA, it gets applied, but it doesn’t get transmitted to associated radiator valve, so my change is not applied in general, desired room temp not changed.
Same thing on way around - when I set temperature of radiator valve, it is applied (so actually room temp is going to change), but it’s not transmitted into wall thermostat, so when I check it, I see previous value.

Is this just feature (maybe edge-case usage) missing in integration, or I am missing some configuration? For me it looks like setpoint updates made by HA are not detected by CCU3 as “manual operation”, so are not transmitted over direct-pair connections.

Looks like it could be “fixed” for example by automation - on temp changed on thermostat, update radiator valve, but I am not sure if this is the way to go.

Do you guys have any other ideas? Thanks!

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I don’t have HmIP thermostats. But I do have old ones with direct parinigs. These usually are created automatically on the CCU by creating thermostat groups. If configured correctly in Home Assistant, you’ll get these as thermostat entities. And at least in my case making changes to these group-entities applies the configuration to all devices. Modifying the device-entities directly has the same effect for me as you report. In general that’s just how HomeMatic devices behave, and there’s no way around this as long as eq3 doesn’t address this issue.

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Big thank you! I didn’t create any heating group in CCU3, just created direct pairing on some channels between devices, and that was wrong. Now I removed direct connections, created group in CCU3, added groups interface in HA integration config so I was able to see virtual device (group) entity in HA. Everything works as expected, full sync between devices, no matter where I change temp (radiator valve, wall thermostat, home assistant).

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Hi Tanner,
i seem to be facing the same problem but I have already created the groups in RaspberryMatic. But they do not show up in HA.

What did you do to control the groups?



Hey Merc,
honestly I didn’t do anything special. After setting up groups in CCU3, they just showed up as new entities in HA. Probably I had to restart HA or CCU3 (or at least ran “refresh” service of homematic integration) and they were added. The group entities are climate type named like “INT0000001”.