homematicIP Cloud add shutter actuator devices



is it possible to implement the control of the homematicIP Cloud shutter actuator to HA?

According to the Github page of the used API, it already supports both components (HMIP-FROLL & HMIP-BROLL).




The best would be to contact Mattias Welponer (mxworm) who created the HmIP Cloud Component to add the latest REST-API version with HmIP-FROLL and HmIP-BROLL.



I don’t own a FROLL or BROLL device, can you test?

Thanks Mattias


Hi Matthias,
I’d would like to test your integration - as I have multiple HMIP-Broll actors.

What shall I do?


Hello Matthias,

please give us a short description how the tester need to implement “nightly” preversion.





I can test it too.

I’m using 10 HMIP-BROLL and other components.

Is it possible to get access to a nighly Version?

Best regards


Overview - which devices are documented right now in the REST-API and which are working in the Home Assistant Component for Homematic IP: