Honeywell Prestige with Red Link, access but no temperature sensor?

HI, I have successfully added my Honeywell Thermostat to Home assistant and I am now able to change temperature from the Dashboard, set automation etc for my home via HA integration. I am just confused as to why there isn’t a temperature sensor that I can access for my Dashboard etc. I can only see as an entity climate.thermostat. and using this as a sensor will only display its current state (ie. cooling/heating) not other information like the temperature of the room or the humidity. I can see humidity and temp in the Honeywell app, and on the thermostat itself, but nothing is converted as a sensor to Home Assistant. ( Is it only able to sense the outdoor temp sensors as described in the integration?)

I’d appreciate any advice that anyone has any experience with this? It seems a basic info display, for an integration but it eludes me how to create a sensor from the thermostat to display the temperature of the room. Thanks. :slight_smile: