Honeywell T6 Pro Min-Max Incorrect

I have installed 2 Honeywell T6 Pro thermostats. They work fine but HA incorrectly has the min/max (set in C 5 and 40) rather than F 41 and 104. Therefore when I try to change the temperature setpoint via the Climate card, nothing happens. You can see the problem in the MQTT broker:

My fix has been to manually fix the setting in MQTT by running the following commands

mosquitto_sub -t homeassistant/climate/Main_Floor-Thermostat/climate/config > Main_Floor
mosquitto_sub -t homeassistant/climate/2nd_Floor-Thermostat/climate/config > 2nd_Floor
grep -rl ‘“min_temp”:5,’ Main_Floor | xargs sed -i ‘s/“min_temp”:5,/“min_temp”:55,/g’
grep -rl ‘“max_temp”:40,’ Main_Floor | xargs sed -i ‘s/“max_temp”:40,/“max_temp”:85,/g’
grep -rl ‘“min_temp”:5,’ 2nd_Floor | xargs sed -i ‘s/“min_temp”:5,/“min_temp”:55,/g’
grep -rl ‘“max_temp”:40,’ 2nd_Floor | xargs sed -i ‘s/“max_temp”:40,/“max_temp”:85,/g’
mosquitto_pub -t homeassistant/climate/Main_Floor-Thermostat/climate/config -f Main_Floor
mosquitto_pub -t homeassistant/climate/2nd_Floor-Thermostat/climate/config -f 2nd_Floor

Once I do that I can then set the temperature correctly.

Is there some fix so that I dont have to do this every time HA restarts.

Well, you wouldn’t have this problem if you used websockets instead of MQTT for ZwaveJSUI. There’s really no reason to use MQTT over ZwaveJSUI websockets

FWIW, I use both zwave and zigbee and I use websockets for Zwave and MQTT for zigbee.

I would love to, but for whatever reason, ZWaveJsUI never starts listening on port 3000 even though it is configured properly.

Sorry… wrong screen

Home assistant connects to your ZwaveJS UI, not the other way around. So this phrase doesn’t make sense.

The Zwave server instance must start listening on tcp port 3000 in order for HA to use the zwavejsui agent to connect to the server. My ZwaveJSUI is on a seperate sever from the HA server

Yes, that’s fine. You can configure that in HA. As long as HA can see that IP, then HA can connect to the server in ZwaveJS UI.

Not sure if you’re running it in a docker container or what (for zwavejsui), but you just need to have that exposed under services → ports

my man, you said it was on another machine, why are you using HA’s IP address

Nevermind, I’m blind

Then it seems you don’t have your other machine setup correctly to allow connections to port 3000

HA runs on and the MQTT broker, ZwaveJSUI, and Zigbee2mqtt run on

So, assuming you’re using docker containers, you want to set up the ZwaveJSUI container’s ports the same way you set up MQTT’s port for the broker. It’s the same thing. If you can connect to MQTT, then you need to employ the same process you did for MQTT to ZwaveJSUI

Agreed, but I cannot get the zwave docker to start the server on port 3000.

then use another port, any port will work. Just can’t be the same as something else that is used on that machine.

nothing is using port 3000, but regardless I just set it for 3005, and the tcp port never shows up.

Both of the images from from

Just another question, you did set up the home assistant section too right?

are you using docker?

Yes I am using a docker container.

Ok, and is your container for zwavejsui set up to expose the port? Or better yet, how are you creating the container for ZwaveJS UI?