Honeywell T6 Thermostat switching modes on its own (from Cool to Heat)

I’ve got a bit of a strange issue that I can’t quite figure out. I have two Honeywell T6 thermostats in HA via Z-Wave. Every night, at some point (not sure when exactly), it seems to switch from Mode Cool to Mode Heat. I checked the thermostat itself and it is not on a schedule and it’s not the Away mode.

I went into my configuration in HA and made sure to remove any scheduling there, but didn’t see any other configurations that might make this happen.

How can I figure out (in the logs or settings or elsewhere) how and when this might be happening?

As a side note, I do have this exposed to HomeKit, but the only two automations I have are setting to “Cool”. There is no mention of Heat anywhere.

Thanks in advance!!

For the log go to settings → Devices → Z-Wave (click on devices) → select T6 Pro… → log book is in the upper right of the screen (LOGBOOK)

Just below device info on the left you will see what Automations use the device.

You can also click on Configure from the Device Info to turn off any schedules, just in case. I know you said you turned it off on the device already. I had a similar issue when my T6 was on SmartThings, it was because of a schedule.