House alarm options?

I have plenty of sensors and other things. The one thing missing is an alarm. I have one of those

but you can only really hear it if you are in the same house. It says 90dB but it’s not even annoying from the next floor. If you were outside the front door closed, you wouldn’t really notice it. It must be a fake number.

Does anything exist in this space as a true house alarm? I can get the wired to the outside of the house.

You can take any Siren and add a switch to its Power input or the power supply to acheive a smart outdoor siren

My alarm is silent - it just sends me a text.

Will the neighbours come running when they hear a loud alarm, or it the point simply to give the intruder a fright and scare him/her off? If the latter, I used to have a young male voice from the speakers in whichever room the movement was registered saying “Hello. Who are you?” Gave myself a shock several times.

I think just to give them a fright. For the front and back doors