How can I configure HA devices to act other than on/off device in Alexa

Good day,
I have a number of window coverings in my home that I’ve tried to add to Alexa, through the custom skill Alexa method. All my devices show up, including some I don’t really want to (just need to exclude those in my yaml file), but I need to figure out if there is a way to configure my window coverings to support an “open/close” type command through Alexa. For a number of my devices, they are iBlinds motors (IB2.0). Alexa sees them as two separate devices. One does show up as a blind (from the cover entity of the device), and the other shows up as a switch (from the switch entity of the device). Again, this is something I’ll probably need to set up to exclude, but first I want to get it to function properly when I say “Alexa, open the Office blinds”, I want it to go to the 50% value of the cover, and not 0 or 100, or have to say “Alexa, set the Office blind to 50%”

Is there a way to do that in the yaml file or another method?