How can I interact with the GPIO on my Arduino UNO from windows Home Assistant

Hi All,

I used to run my HA on a RPi 3, this proved to be unstable, specially around updates.
I already own an Arduino UNO board.
I would now like to install my HA server on a windows based device and only use either my RPi3 or Arduino UNO for the GPIO’s that I use to switch my existing relays on/off.

I scrolled through a lot of posts and saw that ESP boards is the way to go but would like a short term solution to allow me to get the ESP boards that I would eventually need.

You should think long and hard about your other options before doing that. Windows desktop is an absolutely awful OS to use as a server.

In answer to your question, I used this for years. It is excellent:

Thank you very much for this.
For now I have reinstalled my HAOS on the RPI3, I will definitely first see if there is not perhaps other inexpensive options on hardware that I may already possess.